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5 feb. 2016

Volcanchess Chess King LEARN and Weekly Offers

De: Chessok Newsletter <newsletter-noreply@chessok.com>
Enviado: Viernes, 5 de febrero, 2016 19:01:46
Asunto: Chess King LEARN and Weekly Offers

Chess King LEARN!

A new Learn section is now open on chessking.com! The section features training courses on various aspects of chess, sortable by level of difficulty and general direction.
The following courses are fully available for FREE:
  • Chess Tactics ART for Beginners (150 examples and 1500 puzzles)
  • Chess: From Beginner to Club Player (500 examples and 700 puzzles)
  • Chess Strategy (252 examples and 1076 puzzles)
  • Advanced Defense (380 puzzles)
The courses are available in several languages - check the language box to the left of the course list!

Chess King Playing Zone

Play online in your browser on chessking.com! Tournaments, clubs, customizable time controls, chess 960, head-to-head tournaments and full integration with the playerbase of ChessOK Playing Zone!

Weekly Offers from ChessOK!

Our training software is now sorted by skill level with approximate ELO evaluation and the list of skills trained on each level. You can now easily pick the next course you need the most!
From January 29 to February 4, the following special offers are available. All offers stack!
Products of the Week: 30% off all Level 2 [Rating 600 - 1000] software! Note that the section includes many courses designed for more than on level (read the description) that will also be of use to more experienced players.
Special Offer 1: Buy Chess King Gold (DVD, download) or Chess King Silver (DVD, download) and receive access to Lomonosov Tablebases until February 1, 2017 for free!
Special Offer 2: Buy Chess Assistant 16 or Upgrade to Chess Assistant 16 and receive one-year membership in ChessOK Playing Zone!
Special Offer 3: Buy 3 World Champion courses (Anand + Kasparov + Fischer) at 50% off in our Combo Packages section! You can also find other 3-course packages there, available for half the price: Complete Chess Strategy (Chess Strategy 3.0 + Chess Guide for Club Players + Chess Guide for Intermediate Players), Complete Chess Opening (Opening Lab + Encyclopedia of Opening Blunders + How to Win Miniatures at Chess) and Complete Attack on the King (Attack on the King I + Attack on the King II + Advanced Defense)!
Special Offer 4: Buy Chess Assistant 16 (DVD, download), Chess Assistant 16 PRO (DVD, download) or Upgrade to Chess Assistant 16 (DVD, download) and choose any other product(s) from our shop for 35% of the cost of your Chess Assistant 16 or Upgrade to Chess Assistant 16 version.
Special Offer 5: If you order products for more than $120/€100, choose one download programs for up to $25/€20 each as a bonus!
Special Offer 6: Order any 2 programs in our web shop and get a 3rd program of your choice (within the price range of the first two) for free!
Note: Specify the bonus product(s) you want to receive in the comments field when filling the order form.

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